Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Aisha In The Bible

Job 9:9 in the Bible is usually translated as referring to three stars or constellations, but in fact there is not the slightest reference to heavenly bodies in the verse. The place in which God created the three figures of Job 9:9 is not the sky, but the southern reaches, that is, the land south of Palestine, or Arabia.

This place gives us a hint about the identity of these three figures that Job prophesies to be of God’s creation. When we examine the history of Arabia for three such figures, indeed three immediately appear. The first figure in Job 9:9 is named Aiysh, using the Hebrew letters ‘ayin, yod, and shin. These happen to be the three letters that also make up the name in Arabic of Aisha, the daughter of  Abu Bakar.

The text is careful to identify the first of the three figures by name. It can then use greater liberty in identifying the other two by characteristics rather than name, since it is obvious that the two figures to follow Aisha are the second Khalifah Umar and the third Khalifah Uthmaan. 

Job 9:9 refers to Umar (la) by the descriptive word k’sîyl, which literally means “fat”, but is used figuratively for stupid, silly, or foolish. This is in reference to Umar’s well-known ignorance of divine law, which contrasts with the epithet given him by his supporters, Al-Farooq, the one who can distinguish between truth and falsehood  as mentioned in our previous article as this term init self was given by none muslims. This is precisely what Umar was unable to do.

The third figure in Job 9:9 is characterized as kîyd, literally a crushing, that is, calamity or destruction. What Umar started by favouring the Umayyids and Ottoman brought to a crushing and destructive conclusion through his nepotism. He set all of the leading families of Mecca, the very ones who persecuted the first Muslims, in all of the ruling positions of the empire. Having done that, he compounded his sins by desecrating the Qur’aan, having dozens of copies of it burned in the sight of the faithful.

It is amazing that the Bible warned us of these people, who needed to be reminded that they were created by God. They usurped God’s privileges for themselves, and this is why Job predicts them with the reminded that they are not what they presume to be, but merely created human beings.

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  1. "since it is obvious that the two figures to follow Aisha are the second Khalifah Umar and the third Khalifah Uthmaan."

    I don't get it, how did you reach this conclusion?

    The third figure is referred to Kiymah http://www.blueletterbible.org/Bible.cfm?b=Job&c=9&v=9&t=KJV#conc/9, which refers to a constellation of stars http://www.blueletterbible.org/lang/lexicon/lexicon.cfm?Strongs=H3598&t=KJV

    Who are you trying to fool here?

    You know you are stretching the meaning of the verse very desperately right? Right?

  2. A brother has contacted the website and has informed us regarding the objection in the link.


    "since it is obvious that the two figures to follow Aisha are the second Khalifah Umar and the third Khalifah Uthmaan."

    This was referenced to A'isha representing the first usurper Aboo Bakar. Now concerning the objection in the email from the link Samuel Bagster's Hebrew-English Lexicon gives the root of cimah as cum and not camah, which of course is what first comes to mind to someone who does not know Hebrew well. Even modern Hebrew dictionaries define c'sil as "fool, dunce, Orion." Better information is found in lexicons than in biased Christian commentators.

  3. Shias are the worst.. even worse than Hasedeen jews..

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