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Ibn Mawdud:

Lying is something to be assiduously avoided except:

In war for the purpose of deceiving the enemy, in bringing about reconciliation between two parties, to maintain harmony in the household and to prevent an oppressor from committing oppression.

Source: Ikhtiyar Li-Ta'lil Al-Mukhtar Al-Ikhteyar Li-Ta'lil Al-Mukhtar. Vol. 4, Pg. # 180.


And they agreed about the legitimacy of deluding the non-believers during the war and any ways it could be possible (and delusion here means to make schemes and battle).

Source: Saheeh Muslim Sharh Al-Nawawi. Vol. 12, Pg. # 45.

Ibn Hajar Al-Asqalani: 

And the essence of delusion is to reveal something while hiding a different thing .

Source: Fath Al-Bari Bi-Sharh Saheeh Al-Bukhari. Vol. 7, Pg. # 283.

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