Monday, 23 January 2023

Distortion Of History By The Scribes


In this year-that is, the year 30 (650)-occurred (the events) that have been recorded about the affair of Abu Dharr and Mu'awiyah, and about Mu'awiyah's exiling him from Syria to Medina. Many things have been recorded as to why he sent him into exile, most of which I am loathe to mention

As for al-Waqidi, he has recounted many things concerning the reasons why the Egyptians went to Uthman and made camp at Dhu Khushub. Among these are things that I have already mentioned, and there are others that I have refused to mention because I find them offensive

The Account of the Murder (of 'Uthman) According to Aboo Ja'far (al-Tabari): In this year, 'Uthman b. 'Affan was killed. We have mentioned many of the reasons that his murderers cited as an excuse for killing him, and we have avoided mentioning many others that should not be included here. We will now describe how he was killed, how and through whom it began, and who was the first to treat him audaciously before he was murdered.

Source: Tarikh Al-Tabari. English Edition. Vol. 15. Pg. # 64/170/181.

Abi Bakr corresponded with Mu`awiyah b. Abi Sufyan. He mentioned this correspondence that had passed between the two of them, but I am loath to detail it because it contains matter that most people could not tolerate.

Source: Tarikh Al-Tabari. English Edition. Vol. 16. Pg. # 190.

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