Sunday, 21 August 2022

Faith Of Iblees & Aboo Bakr Are One!!!

Imam Abi Abdur Rahman Abdallah:

Reported Ibraheem Ibn Saeed from Aboo Tawbah from Abi Ishaq al Fazari, who said: Aboo Hanifah used to say "The Emaan of Aboo Bakr and the Emaan of Iblees are one! Aboo Bakr used to say Ya Rabb and Iblees also uses to say Ya Rabb!".

Footnote: Dr Muhammad Ibn Saeed Ibn Salem Al Qahtani says; Hadeeth is Saheeh (Authentic)

Source: Kitab Al Sunnah. Vol. 1, Pg. # 219. H. # 371. 

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