Saturday, 2 April 2022

Praying Taraweeh In Congregation A Sunnah Or Bidah?

Ahmad ibn Hanbal:

Ismael ibn Umar told me, from Ibn Abi The'b from ibn Shehab, from Salama ibn Abdul Rahman, narrated Aboo Huraira: I heard the Prophet (saw) encouraging people to get up during (the night of) Ramadan, and used to say: Whosoever rises up in it (i.e during the night of Ramadan and perform prayer), with belief and knowing ,Allah (swt) will reward him for that, and his past sins will be forgiven. But HE (SAW) HAS NEVER PRAYED IT IN CONGREGATION WITH THE PEOPLE

Footnote: Shoaib Al-Arnaut says; Authentic (Saheeh) upon the conditions of Muslim. 

Source: Musnad Ahmad ibn Hanbal. Vol. 13, Pg. # 264, H. # 7881.

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