Friday, 29 April 2022

Bastardization Of Islam


We have seen that bastards (children born from Zina) are smarter and their benefit reaches more to public compare to child born from legitimate marriage. 

Source: Kashf al Asrar An Usoolil Fakhr Al Islam. Vol 1, Pg # 423.

Allama Fannawi:

Child born from Zina is smarter/ better than child born from legitimate marriage.

Source: Fusool Al Badaya'e. Vol. 1, Pg # 45.

Allama Taftazani:

We have witnessed that bastard is better than legitimate child both in matters of Deen (Religion) and Dunya (worldly affairs)

Source: Taudheeh and Talweeh. Pg. # 351-352.

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  1. No wonder they love Abubakr and Umar more than a legitimate pure birth of Imam Ali peace be upon him!