Tuesday, 1 March 2022

Zaid Ibn Ali Regarding Uthman Ibn Affan's Killing


Ibrahim ibn Yahya Al Darsi Al Hamzi & Majduddin ibn Muhammad ibn Mansour Al Muayyidi:

Narrating from Khalid ibn Safwan ibn Al Ahtam Al Minqari who mentioned that he entered upon Zaid and asked him about Aboo Bakr and Umar and Uthman and after hearing his opinions he asked him to debate some people of Shaam and then a man from among them said that the Umayyads are closest to righteousness because they are relatives of the Caliph who was unjustly killed (Uthman). So Zayd Ibn Ali replied:

"You claim that Uthman's murder was done by a singular group, and that the majority stood by him, and that he was unjustly killed. By Allah (swt), he was not killed but by the group of Muslims from among the Muhajireen and the Ansar, and those who followed them with lhsan (goodness)

Not that all Muslims killed him, but some killed him and some abandoned him. Everyone contributed to fighting his injustice, because it is like  a Janaza (funeral), if some Muslims attend it, the rest don't have to. Similarly, Jihad in the cause of Allah, if some Muslims did it, the rest are allowed not to.

So the companions of the Messenger of Allah (saw) killed him using the book of Allah (swt) the Exalted when he disobeyed Allah (swt). Thus he was the first who broke the oath upon himself, and the first to oppose the commands of Qur'an. He sheltered the one exiled by the Messenger of Allah (saw), Al-Hakam Ibn Al Aas (la), and his son Marwan (la). 

In addition to his exile of Aboo Dharr (r.a) from Medina to Rabadha, while only the lecherous and hermaphrodites are exiled from Medina, and him beating Ibn Masoud (r.a) to death, and him kicking Ammar (r.a) and walking on his stomach and injuring him for a long time, and him taking the keys of the Muslims' treasury from Abdullah Ibn Al Arqam, and giving the money to his relatives as he wished."

Khalid ibn Safwan said: and he mentioned a lot of other things one by one, whereupon the group of people were silenced and could not reply, because he mentions things which made them perplexed, so they said: "You have said the truth, O son of the Messenger of Allah (saw), and what you said is right, that the people did not kill Uthman except after a clear proof and a clear violation, and a systematic oppression and a breaking of the oath."

Source: Majmu' Kutub Wa Rasahil Of Imam Zaid. Pg. # 286-293.

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