Wednesday, 30 March 2022

Punishment For Breaking Fast Early


Ibn Khuzayma:

Narrated by Al Khuzayma from his own chain from Aboo Umam’ah Al Bahili who said that he heard from Prophet (saw): “Once I was fast asleep and in my dream there came two people (who in reality were angels). They grabbed me by my hands and took me to a stony, steep Mountain. They told me to climb. I replied: I can’t. They said: We will make it easy for you! Then I began to climb and when I reaches the top of it I heard cries and I asked them who is crying? They replied: They are the people of Hell. Then they took me to them and I saw people hung upside down from their feet. Their cheeks were torn and there was blood dropping from them. I said to them: Who are these people? They replied: “They are the people who used to break their fasts early".

Footnote: The chain of Narration is Saheeh (Authentic). Also narrates by Al-Hakim in Mustradak... authentic by Muslim's standards approved by Al-Dhahabi

Source: Saheeh ibn Khuzayma. Pg. # 237.  H. # 1986.

Any Sane person will never choose extra virtue at the cost of being in Hell. So it is better to break fast a little bit late to be on safer side!

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