Tuesday, 8 March 2022

Kill The Heretics Even If They Repent!!!

Ibn Taymiyyah: 

"With regards to the killing of someone who publicly displays Islam and hides his kufr, and this is the hypocrite whom the jurists call the Zindiq, the majority of the jurists are of the opinion that he must be killed even if he repents. This was the view of Malik, Ahmad in the most apparent of the two reports from him, one of the two opinions in the madhhab of Aboo Ḥanifah, and Al-Shaf'i. Whichever of them is a caller to their misguidance, and his evil cannot be stopped except by killing him, he should be killed too, even if he publicly repents, and even if he is not declared a kafir, like the Rafid Imams who mislead the people, as the Muslims killed Ghilan Al-Qadri, Al-Ja’d ibn Dirham and similar other people among the callers. This liar must be killed unconditionally." 

Source: Majmu’ Al-Fatawa. Vol. 28, Pg. # 555.

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