Thursday, 31 March 2022

Breaking Fast After Maghrib In The Month Of Ramadan


Via his own chain (Bayhaqi) from Hameed bin Abdur Rahman bin Awf who said “Umar bin Khattab and Uthman bin Affan both used to pray Maghrib Prayer first when there used to be Dark Night before breaking fast. Then after this they used to Break their Fast [in Ramadhan]"


Shaykh Islam Mansur Abdul Hameed says; This Narration is Saheeh (Authentic). Narrated by Al-Malik and from him by the author with an Authentic chain even if it is claimed that Hameed never heard anything from Umar as is written in Jam’ia Tahseel. This isn’t right and from my research his narrations from Umar are proven.

Source: Sunan Al Kubra. Vol. 2, Pg. # 24. H. # 2106.

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