Monday, 7 February 2022

Qur'an & Hadeeth Taken Metaphorically?


It is obligatory to leave the text of the Qur'an and the Tradition upon their literal meanings without changing them at all, because God revealed the Qur'an in a clear, Arabic language, and the Prophet (saw) spoke Arabic. Therefore, it is obligatory to leave the Words of God, and the words of His Messenger, upon the meanings which they had in that language. Furthermore, abandoning their literal meanings is tantamount to attributing things to God without knowledge, and this is forbidden, due to His Statement: {Say: ‘My Lord has forbidden all lewd action, what is obvious from them and what is subtle, and sin, and aggression without cause, and that you set up partners with God that which He has never authorized, and that you say about God what you do not know.’} (7:33). An example of that is His Statement: {Rather both His hands are outstretched; He dispenses just as He wishes} (5:64). The literal meaning of the verse is that God has two literal hands. Therefore, this must be affirmed for Him

Source: Majmu Al-Fatawa wa Rasail. Vol. 5, Pg. # 11-12.

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