Thursday, 20 January 2022

Umar's Dirty Penis Massage



Narrated to us Abu Muhammad Abdullah ibn Yahya ibn Abdul Jabbar Al Sukri in Baghdad saying: narrated to us Isma'il ibn Muhammad As Saffar saying: narrated to us Abbas ibn Abdullah Taqufi saying: narrated to us Yahya ibn Ya'la saying: narrated to us my father from Ghaylan from Abi Is'haq from Yasar ibn Numayr, a servant of Umar who said: "When Umar would urinate he would call out to me saying: 'Bring me something to clean myself!', I would bring him a piece of wood or a stone, he would then rub his penis against a wall or on the ground and he would not wash it.

Al-Bayhaqi: This is the most Saheeh (Authentic) tradition in this chapter and the highest chain.

Source: Sunan Al-Kubrah.Vol. 1, Pg. # 179. H. # 540.

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