Thursday, 6 January 2022

Miracle Of The Backside

One of the issues that Zaidi's seem to have against the Twelver Shia is surrounding the idea of miracles performed by the Twelve Imams (a.s), and they mock this and call such narrations "fairy-tales".

Though some have try to dismiss the report it been narrated from one of their predecessors who had no qualms in reporting it. 

Al Qadhi Ibn Abi Rejal (1092 A.H.):

Al Hussain ibn Al Imam Al Qasim ibn Muhammad [999-1050 A.H.]: he is al-Hussain son of Amirul Mu'minin Al Qasim Al Mansoor.

And for my master Al Hussain there are some miracles, from among them is what I heard from My master, the great Imam, Al Mutawakkil Al'allah, may Allah protect him, that he once washed his backside (Istinja) in a still water around the area of Akhraf, then that still water started flowing and kept flowing for people since then, and that is famous until now.

Source: Matla Al Budur Wa Majma'ul Buhur. Vol. 2, Pg. # 179, 182-183.



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