Monday, 17 January 2022

Allah Can Be Seen In Your Dreams!!!

Mullah Ali Al Qari:

Among them is: Seeing Allah Exalted in dream:

The majority of scholars opine that it is possible without bounding to a quality, specification or a particular look in this case. It has been narrated from Abu Hanifa who said: "I saw the Great Lord in dream ninty nine times." and he saw Him once more and completed the one hundred times and its story is long that we can't mention here

And it has been narrated from Al Imam Ahmad also who said: "I saw the Great Lord in dream, and asked: 'O Lord, through which means people come near to you?' He said: 'through my Words (i.e. Qur'an) O Ahmad.' I (Ahmad ibn Hanbal) said: 'O Lord, with comprehension of your Words or without comprehension?' He said: 'with comprehension as well as without comprehension.'" 

And it has been narrated from the Prophet (saw) who said: 'I saw my Lord in dream.' And it has been narrated from many of the Salaf the same thing and it is a kind of seeing that could be with heart for the noble people, so there is nothing odd to deny it, even though it is not by choice for any of the human beings (to see Allah).

And it has been narrated from the Prophet (saw) who said: "I saw my Lord in the best of looks", and in another narration: "in the look of a young man.", therefore Imam Al-Razi says in Ta'sis Al-Taqdis: "it is possible for the Prophet (saw) to see his Lord in dream in a specific human look, because dream is of the actions of the imagination and it is not apart from imaginary pictures in the semi-materialistic world." 

And some of our scholars have said that Allah Exalted has external manifestations in the Hereafter and with that many of the issues are solved as it is apparent. As about what Qadhi Khan has said that this is not possible in dream and he insists on his opinion and mentions the statements of some scholars to support his opinion, I have answered it and explained its possibility in Al-Mirqat Sharh Al-Mishkat.

Source: Minah Al-Rawdh Al-Azhar Fi Sharh Al-Fiqh Al-Akbar. Pg. # 356 - 357.

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