Tuesday, 16 November 2021

Breast Of Saints

Allamah Muhammad Yahya Tazafi penned a book, recording the excellences of the Sunni Sufi scholar Saint of Saints Ghawth al Adham Shakyh Abdul Qadir Jilani. One such excellence that he records is as follows:

Allamah Muhammad Yahya Tazafi: 

Abdul Qadir Jilani states I saw myself in a dream sitting in the lap of the mother of the faithful Aisha  and that I was suckling milk from her right breast, she then fed me from her left breast. At that point the Prophet (saw) appeared and said 'Aisha he's my real son, in a literal sense'

Source: Qalaid Ul Jawher Fi Manaqb Hazrat Shaikh Abdul Qadir Jilani by Allamah Muhammad Yahya Tazafi. Pg. # 57.


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