Friday, 12 May 2023

Mu'awiyah's Honest Appraisal Of His Mother

The so called 'Ahlul Sunnah' have accused Shia's of insulting A'isha and Hafsah, by saying that the followers of Tashayyu attribute language which is not befitting of the title “Mother of the Believers”.

Now let is analyse how Mu'awiyah conducted himself when his own mother Hind was insulted.

Ibn Al-Khattib:

“Mu'awiyah was famous for his cool temperament and no one could make him angry. Thus, one person claimed that he would make him angry. He went to him (Mu'awiyah) and said: ‘I would like to ask you to marry your mother to me because she had a large buttocks.’ Mu'awiyah replied, ‘That is why my father loved her’. Mu'awiyah then ordered his treasurer to give him 1000 coins so that he might buy a slave girl for himself”.

Source: Rawudh Al-Akhbar Al-Muntakhab Min Rabee Al-Abrar. Pg . # 341.

This is rather astonishing – not only did Mu'awiyah allow a man to comment on his mother’s ample derriere (which is shocking by any cultural standard) but he even commented on his own father’s preference for his mother’s appearance. He even gave this man money as to buy a slave girl. So with this in mind, it is clear that speaking “honestly” about one’s own mother is not indeed a moral sin, which is punishable by the sword. 

Therefore, what about the wives of the Prophet or his companions? Should we not speak openly and freely about their misconduct? Especially as it is all evidence based. Indeed what would Muawiyah say about us doing so? If he did not punish an individual (he actually rewarded him) then why do Sunnis get so offended? 

This inconsistency shows the flaws in their cognitive processes. On the one hand they claim to love Mu'awiyah but then they don’t adapt to his way. The obsession with wives and companions clouds the so called Ahlul Sunnah’s judgement.

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