Monday, 2 March 2015

Entering Into A Vagina Completely?

In Islam we have fiqh laws on how we cleanse ourselves after sexual intercourse. We do ghusl after having copulated with our spouse – this is standard Islamic practice.  However the Shafiyah (Shafis) a sect within the so called Ahlul Sunnah have issued the following Fatwa;

Sheikh Ahamd Al-Sawi:

It has remained the issue of when a person enters into a vagina completely; we do not have an explicit text about it; the Shafiyah (Shafis) however say that: "If he enters his body beginning with his penis into the vagina, he needs to do Ghusl (i.e. ritual bath) otherwise no."

Source: Bulghatu Salik Li Aqrab Al-Masalik. Vol. 1 Pg. # 114.

This bizarre fatwa raises some disturbing and serious questions, for example how does one “enter into a vagina completely”? Enter with what? Can we assume this means just the penis of the husband? Or are they suggesting entering with another part of a man’s body? Torso? Legs? Is this Fatwa not endorsing something that can potentially physically damage a woman?

What kind of vagina can one entirely enter into? It makes one wonder who comes up with such bizarre fatwas, what cognitive processes occurs in those that concoct such unsavoury and pointless rulings. What does this suggest about those that devise such ridiculous fiqh ruling?  Is their school of thought a joke? Are their scholars deranged or just plain perverse? Yet another acute embarrassment for the so called Ahlul Sunnah.

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