Sunday, 8 February 2015

Sexual Ethics During Fasting

Why is fasting so important in Islam? It is in order to allow us a sense of control and practice self restraint thus acquiring the ability to resist sinful wants and behaviours which will "guard against evil" (The Holy Qur'aan {2:183}). During the spiritual process of fasting, one uses the time to remember Allah (swt) and be mindful of temptations around us and trying our up most to keep ourselves pure. 

However, sadly the so-called 'Ahl ul Sunnah' does not share this major tenant of our Islam. According to them, it is permitted to have sex with the dead body (corpse) of a woman as well as having sex with various farmyard animals providing no ejaculation takes place during the fasting period.

Now under normal circumstances, such depraved and vile acts are bad enough and the sanctity of the man that practices it would undoubtedly be questioned– but what makes it even more perverse is the fact that it can be practiced while fasting. By allowing such a thing, the religion turns in to a mockery ground and by this digraceful legislation it thus ridicules the purity behind its purpose.

Allamah Hassan bin Mansoor Qadhi Khan:

"And if he penetrates an animal or a dead person and does not ejaculate, it does not invalidate his fasting and he is not required to to Ghusl."

Source: Fatwa Qazi Khan. Vol. 1, Pg. # 192.

Some scholars have taken it one step further by actually allowing ejaculation to take place whilst fasting providing that the climax is achieved by masturbation. The 'Muslim' man in question can either do it himself by his own hand or seek the assistance of his wife or even more repugnantly use a small child to do so. 
Alternatively the man could have sex with a non-believer. 

Ibn Qayyim Al-Jawziyya:

In Al-Fusoul (of ibn Aqeel Al-Hanbali): "It has been narrated from Ahmad about a man who is afraid of his testicles to split due to the pressure of the rut, or due to the overflow of semen during Ramadhan, he can release the semen." But he has not mentioned how should the man can release it.

He says: "What I think is that he can release semen without ruining the fast by masturbating using his hands or the hands of his wife. If he has a 'slave girl' whether it be a girl or a little child, he can masturbate using her hands, and if she was a non-believer, he can have intercourse with her in other than her vagina. If he can release his semen without penetrating into her vagina, then penetrating would not be allowed, because when the necessity is not there anymore, it will make it Haraam to do more than that. Like eating full from the meat of a dead person. Rather, the emphasis here is more than that, because to refrain from doing Haraam in sex is more important than eating.

Source: Bada'i Al-Fuwa'id. Vol. 4, Pg. # 1473.

To conclude, how can the so-called 'Ahl ul Sunnah' take itself seriously? By going against the purity of Allah's (swt) commands, they show their true heritage. Is fasting too inconvenient for them? Are they animals that are not capable of self control? Having sex with dead bodies, animals and even small children? Does their depravity know no bounds?


  1. Evil Shi'a. May Allah guide you or break your backs.

    1. I am a sunni myself , but the response you gave was pathetic , you need to answer with knowledge.

  2. Great academic answer at brother tuyub malik. This is a classical sunni response when they have no answer!