Monday, 23 February 2015

Ruling Of Ghusl For Man Who Cuts His Penis

In Islam we have very specific fiqh rules on sexual relations between spouses. These are there to guide the believers and help us to have a healthy and fulfilling sexual relationship. These jurisprudence laws are usually based on common instances that a husband and wife might encounter – with that in mind the following fatwa will have normal Muslim’s scratching their heads in confusion and disbelief. 

Allamah Al-Shirwani Al-Shafi:

If a man cuts his penis into half and enters half of it into one of his wives and the other half into another one of his wives, Ghusl will become Wajib on him, but not on his two wives. If he enters half of it into her wife's vagina and half of it into her anus, Ghusl will become Wajib on both of them.

Source: Hawashi Tohfatul Muhtaj Bi Sharh Al-Minhaaj. Vol. 1, Pg. # 260.

In all seriousness we have to examine this in more depth. Firstly if a man were to cut his own penis in half he would suffer intense bleeding – which could potentially kill him if left untreated. Therefore it would be very unlikely with the amount of pain and bleeding that any individual be at that stage he would be able to put each half of his penis into his partner, which would just be some loose skin at this point. Which leads us to the next issue, how large does the husband have to be in order to be able insert his penis in both of his wives at the SAME time?! It is also unlawful to make love to two wives at the same time and we know two women aren’t allowed to see each other’s private parts, so how on earth is this fatwa justified? 

Following on from this “If he enters half of it into her wife's vagina and half of it into her anus, Ghusl will become Wajib on both of them”. Is this not something that the so called Ahlul Sunnah criticise Tashayyu scholars for? Yet this fatwa is clearly giving the green light to anal sex with ones partner, something we have already analyzed previously before. And also it appears to be endorsing threesomes as well, which we all know is haram.

To conclude, this fatwa is disgusting and depraved and goes against the fabric and nature of our pure faith which endorses and encourages halal sexual relations within the sanctity of halal marriage. What kind of perversion do fatwas such as these encourage? What else does one expect from a sect that reveres sexual deviants.

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