Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Into The Oblivion

As Muslims it is important for scholars to understand, from a fiqh angle how to respond in certain situations. There are many occasions where there can appear to be grey areas hence the need for scholarly input. However, even if we bear that in mind one finds it hard to understand the rationale behind this fatwa from the so called Ahlul Sunnah. 

Al-Hafiz Al-Nasafi:

Likewise if a fly flies and enters into anus and comes out with no injury, the Wudu will not be void.

Source: Bahrul Rahiq Sharh Kanzul Daqahiq. Vol. 1, Pg. # 60.

This bizarre fatwa is difficult to comprehend – but let’s attempt to unpick the hidden meaning behind it (pardon the pun). In order for a fly to enter one’s anus surely this would mean one were to be naked? Which might be problematic when in a Masjid. Also surely if the unfortunate fly made its way up an anus it would perish during the process? Which leads us on to the next conundrum, how large exactly does one’s anus have to be in the first place in order for a fly to fly up it? And if you haven’t noticed it fly up your anus then how can you know when it flies out, uninjured? Would anyone with such a size anus even notice if a fly had entered?

How can  the so called Ahlul Sunnah take itself seriously when their “scholars” issue nonsense fatwas such as this. And what does this suggest about their people? That they go around naked with gaping anuses? This is an acute embarrassment to them.

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