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Seventy Thousand People From Karbala Will Enter Paradise Without Being Questioned

It was mentioned by the Prophet (saw) that there would be at least 70, 000 of his followers who will enter Paradise altogether. It would be interesting to delve a little further in to this matter, since it would be of benefit to know as to whom the Prophet (saw) was actually referring to.


Narrated Sahl bin Sa'd: The Prophet (saw) said, "Seventy-thousand or seven-hundred thousand of my followers (the narrator is in doubt as to the correct number) will enter Paradise holding each other till the first and the last of them enter Paradise at the same time, and their faces will have a glitter like that of the moon at night when it is full." 

Source: Saheeh Bukhari. Pg. # 1625, H. # 6543.

Here we find more hadeeth which correlate with the above which specifically mention those 70, 000 people as to whom the Prophet (saw) was referring to.


Al-Hussain bin Muhammad bin Al-Hassan, brother of Muhammad Al-Khalal, narrated to me Aboo Sadiq Ahmad bin Muhammad bin Umar Al-Rasibi...narrated to me Abu Na'im Abd Al-Malik bin Muhammad bin Adi, narrated to me Ahmad bin Yahya Al-Awdi, narrated to us Isma'il bin Aban, from Amr b. Harith and he was thiqah from Dawud b. Salil, from Anas b. Malik: "The Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him, said: "70,000 of my Ummah will enter Paradise without accounting." Then he turned his face to Alee (a.s) and said, "They are your Shi'ah (partisans) and you are their Imam."

Source: Al-Mutaffaq wa Al-Muftaraq. Vol. 3, Pg. # 1204, Person # 1065.

Ibn Al-Maghzili Al-Shafi'i:

Qathi Aboo Ja'far Muhammad ibn Isma'eel Al-Alawi from Aboo Muhammad ibn Abdullah ibn Muhammad ibn Uthman Al-Mazani Al-Hafiz titled ibn Saqqa from Alee ibn Al-Hassan ibn Ubayd Al-Razi from Isma'eel ibn Aban Al-Azdi from Amr ibn Huraith from Dawood ibn Salik from Anas ibn Malik that he said: "The Prophet (saw) said: "Seventy thousand of my nation will go to heaven without judgment. Then he looked to Alee (a.s) and said they are from your Shi'ah (partisans) and you are their Imam."

Source: Manaqib Ameerul-Mo'mineen Alee ibn Abi Talib (a.s). Pg. # 183 - 184, 
H. # 335.


The Prophet (saw) made it very clear that these 70, 000 people were the Shi'a of Alee (a.s), who in fact would not at all be accounted for! We hear many times that it was the Shi'a of Alee (a.s) who were dishonest to Imam Hussain (a.s) in Kufa and abandoned him when it was time to join forces at the battle of Karbala. But here, we find evidence from the books of the opponents in direct contradiction to these claims. It is infact the Shi'a of Alee (a.s) who will end up in Karbala and remain firm upon the belief of Imamate. Is this not enough for those who make such claims to recognise the true reality? Or will people continue to ignore the sayings of the Prophet (saw)? 

We also have similar hadeeth from Imam Alee (a.s) which pertain to this saying of the Prophet (saw), but this time he (a.s) further confirms the 70, 000 people are those from the land of Karbala.


Narrated Abi Harthama: I was with Alee (a.s) near the rivers of Karbala then he passed by a tree under which there were deer droppings. Then he took a handful of it and he smelt it then he said, "Seventy thousand [beings] from this surface will be gathered [on the day of Resurrection] and they will go into heaven without Judgment."

Al-Haythami: Al-Tabarani has narrated it and its narrators a trustworthy.

Source: Majma'ul Zawa'id. Vol. 9, Pg. # 222, H. # 15126.

Ibn Al-A'rabi:

Narrated to us Al-Hassan ibn Muhammad from Mansoor ibn Waqed Al-Tanafesi from Abdul Hameed Al-Himmani from Al-A'mash from Abi Ishaq from Kudayr Al-Dhubbi he said: While I was with Alee (a.s) in Karbala by the trees of Harmel, he took some dung and he rubbed it then he smelt it then he said, "On the day of Judgment, Allah (swt) will rise some people from this area, and they will enter heaven without Judgment."

Source: Al-Mu'jam ibn Al-A'rabi. Vol. 2, Pg. # 738, H. # 1500.

Abi Shaybah:

Mu'awiyah told us Al-A'mash told us narrated from Salam ibn Abi Shurahbeel narrated from Abi Harthama, he said: A ewe (goat) belonging to him made few droppings, then he told his odalisque (female slave), "O Jarda! These droppings reminded me of a hadeeth that I have heard from the Prince of believers (Alee (a.s)) say while I was with Him at Karbala." When he (Alee (a.s)) passed by a tree under which were some deer droppings, he then took a handful of it and smelt it then he said, "Seventy thousand (beings) from the surface (of this area) will be gathered on the day of Resurrection. They will go to heaven without Judgment (on the day of Judgment)."

Source: A
l-Musannaf ibn Abi Shaybah. Vol. 14, Pg. # 92 - 93, H. # 38364.

Analysis Of The Chain Of Narrators

The status of these four narrators in the books of Rijal:

1 - Mu'awiyah ibn Amr

2 - Al-A'mash

3 - Salam ibn Shurhabeel

4 - Ubayd ibn Abi Harthama

1 - Mu'awiyah ibn Amr

Ibn Hajar:
Mu'awiyah ibn Amr ibn Al-Muhallab ibn Amr Al-Azdi, Aboo Amr Al-Baghdadi and he is known as ibn Al-Kirmani, he is trustworthy, and from late 9th generation. he died in 214 A.H at the age of 86. The Jama'ah have narrated from him (i.e. Bukhari, Muslim, and the four Sunan).

Source: Taqreeb Al-Tahdheeb. Pg. # 470, Person # 6768.

2 - Al-A'mash

Ibn Hajar:

Sulayman ibn Mehran Al-Asadi, Al-Kahili, Aboo Muhammad Al-Kufi, Al-A'mash, he is a
trustworthy Hafiz and knowledgeable about Qira'aat, he was pious, but he used to do Tadlees. He was from the 5th generation, he died in 147-148 A.H and he was born in at the beginning of the year 61 A.H. The Jama'ah have narrated from him 
(i.e. Bukhari, Muslim, and the four Sunan).

Source: Taqreeb Al-Tahdheeb. Pg. # 195, Person # 2615.

3 - Salam ibn Shurhabeel


Salam bin Shurahbeel and he is also called Abu Shurahbeel, he narrates from Habbah and Sawa the sons of Khalid and Al-A'mash has heard from him.

Source: Tarikh Al-Kabir. Vol. 4, Pg. # 132, Person # 1124.

Ibn Hibban:

Salam bin Shurahbeel Aboo Shurahbeel, he has narrated from Sawa and Habbah sons of Khalid and they are companions, Al-A'mash has narrated from him.

Source: Al-Thuqat (Authenticated Ones). Vol. 4, Pg. # 322.

4 - Ubayd ibn Abi Harthama


Ubayd Abu Haryam, he has heard from Alee (a.s) his statement at Karbala. Ibn Fudayl said, "This from Al-A'mash, he is from the people of Kufa."

Source: Tarikh Al-Kabir. Vol. 6, Pg. # 6 - 7.

Ibn Hibban:

Ubayd Abu Haryam, he has narrated from Alee (a.s), and Al-A'mash has narrated from him.

Source: Source: Al-Thuqat (Authenticated Ones). Vol. 5, Pg. # 139.

Who was it that was subjected to hardship against those who claimed to be Muslim? It would only have to be a member of the household of the Prophet (saw), who underwent many trials and tribulations for merely being on the path of justice and righteousness, it could be no other than our beloved Imam Hussain (a.s).


Ammar Al-Dahni; Alee (may Allah (swt) be pleased with Him) passed by Ka'b then he said, "A man from the progeny of this man (Alee (a.s)) will be killed with a group of men, and the sweat of their horses would not dry before they meet Muhammad (saw)."

Then Al-Hassan (a.s) passed by and they asked, "Oh Aboo Ishaq! Is that him?" And he replied, "No!" Then Al-Hussain (a.s) passed by then they asked, "Is that him?" Then he replied, "Yes!"

Al-Haythami: Al-Tabarani narrated it and its narrators till the one who said it are all trustworthy.

Source: Majma Al-Zawa'id. Vol. 9, Pg. # 225, H. # 15130.

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