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The Queer Sahaba

Mukhannathun (مُخَنَّث ) or commonly known in the west as ' effeminate  ones' are men who resemble women or as we would now call transgendered, or male-to-female transsexuals. Various "mukhannathun" appear in several books of Rijal and Hadeeth. It is said these transexuals accepted Islam however lived in the boundaries of Medina and Makkah. We wish to make it clear that we are in no way attacking hermaphrodites for they are a creation from Allah (swt).  There is however evidence that points to hermaphrodites possessing acts such as buggery which if why the Sunnah of the Prophet (saw) has always been to keep a distance with such persons in that they should not live within the family unit. 

Just like nowadays, hermaphrodites existed during the lifetime of the Prophet (saw) and their coming into contact with him (saw), taking the Shahada and dying on that faith automatically places them within the definition of Sahabah (Companion).  We wish to reiterate that the fact that certain hermaphrodite companions existed in no way gives us the right to mock these individuals but we see some effeminate behaviors they exhibited, swayed towards their being inclined towards transvestism, as we shall evidence in this article.  Now since the Bakri’s have the same nauseam rant that each and every aspect of the lives of the Sahabah should be an inspiration for today’s Bakri community then we invite these Bakri’s to desist from attacking effeminate males and  transvestism  and suggesting they are plagues of a kuffar society, they should instead wholeheartedly embrace these forms of sexuality and fashion sense, and adopt these styles, whether that be at home, the workplace or during their Islamic study circles so that it is known to all asunder that the Salafis are those who have no shame in following the Sahabah of the Prophet (saw) no matter how they behaved or dressed. It is important to note the sources that have been used are books that are biographies of companions thus no ambiguity as to who these individuals are. Now to introduce some of these roles models for the present day Salaf let us take a look as to who they are.


Ibn Hajar:

He has been mentioned in Saheeh Al-Bukhari from the chain of Sufyan son of Ayeena, from Hisham son of Arwa from his father, from Zainab daughter of Abi Salma from Umma Salama she said: "The Messenger of Allah (saw) came to us and amongst us was a Hermaphrodite  , and so he heard him say to Abdullah son of Ubay Ummaya: "If Allah opened Ta'ef for you, on you is to go with the daughter of Gaylan (a fat girl), four folds of fat from the front and eight from the back. So then the Prophet (saw) said: "Don't let this man enter" Sufyan said and ibn Jareeh said: The name of the Hermaphrodite was Heet. The Hadeeth in Muslim, Dawood, Nasa'i without the name"

Source: Al-Isaba Fi Tamyiz Al-Sahaba. Vol. 11.  Pg. # 262 - 265. Person. # 9070.

Ibn Al-Athir:

Heet the Hermaphrodite used to come to the wives of the Prophet (saw) and it was said: His name was 'Maanei'. Mentioned from Ja'far in that he is one of the companions, and he is the one that said to Abdullah son of Ubay Ummaya: If you open Ta'ef, on you is to go to the daughter of Gaylan. Narrated Aisha she said:"A Hermaphrodite used to come to the wives of the Prophet (saw) "

Source: Usd ul-Ghabeh. Vol. 5. Pg. # 395. Person. # 5423.


Ibn Al-Athir:

From Muhammad son of Ibraheem son of Al-Harith al-TamimiThere used to be with the Messenger of Allah (saw) a servant in battle of Al-Ta'if for his maternal aunt, and his sister is the daughter of Umro son of A'edh son of Makhzoom who is a Hermaphrodite and his name was: ‘Maanei', he enters to the women of the Messenger of Allah (saw) and he used to remain at his houses. The Messenger of Allah does not see him well-acquainted with a woman's matter than a man's matter, he heard him say to Khalid son of Makhzoomi: ‘O Khalid, the open of the Messenger of Allah (saw) in Ta'if will not have Badya daughter of Gaylan son of Salama, for she has approaches in four (flaps of fat) and turns back in eight. So the Messenger of Allah (swt) said when he heard this from him: "I do not see this wicked man mature when I hear of him! Then he said to his women: ‘Do not allow him to enter to you’.

Source:  Usd ul-Ghabeh. Vol. 5. Pg. # 3 - 4. Person. # 4551.


Ibn Al-Athir:

Al-Waqidi mentioned that he was the servant of Fakhita, the daughter of Amru, the son of 'A'eth, the son of Imran, the son of Makhzum, and that he and Wahayt were in the houses of the Prophet (saw) and that he said to Aisha, when he had heard that she had asked for a girl to engage for her brother, Abdul-Rahman, the son of Aboo Bakr: "Take 'fulana' ('such a girl'), for she would accept four and would get along with eight!" Then the Prophet (saw), and he banished him to Al-Hama, in which he stayed there until the caliphate of Umar. And ibn Ishaq mentioned in Al-Maghazi that Mohammad, the son of Ibrahim al-Taimi, that he (Mate') talked about the daughter of Gheilan, that she would accept four and would get along with eight, meanwhile it is known that Hayt was the one who said that, and that is narrated in Sahih al-Bukhari of Jurayh, as what will come in his interpretation. And ibn Wahb narrated in his Jami' of Al-Harith, the son of Abdul-Rahman, of Abi-Dhi'ib, of Abi-Salama, the son of Abdul-Rahman, that there were two effeminates at the time of the Messenger of Allah (saw) one named Hayt, and the other Mate'. Mate' died and Hayt stayed. Moreover, ibn Wahb said: "I was told by the one who heard Aba-Ma'shar saying that the Prophet (saw) ordered for him, then he was hit". The narration was mentioned, and it will come in the Tarjama of Hayt.

Source: Al-Isaba. Vol. 9. Pg. # 411 - 412. Person. # 7616.

'Unknown Hermaphrodite '


Narrated Aboo Hurayrah: A Hermaphrodite (mukhannath) who had dyed his hands and feet with henna was brought to the Prophet (saw). He asked: What is the matter with this man? He was told: Apostle of Allah! he affects women's get-up. So he ordered regarding him and he was banished to an-Naqi'. The people said: Apostle of Allah! should we not kill him? He said: I have been prohibited from killing people who pray. Aboo Usamah said: Naqi' is a region near Medina and not a Baqi

Al-Albani: It is Saheeh (Authentic).

Source: Saheeh Sunan Aboo Dawood. Vol. 1. H # 4928. Pg. # 891 - 892.

Ibn Hajar:

Narrated Aboo Hurayrah: A Hermaphrodite (mukhannath) who had dyed his hands and feet with henna was brought to the Prophet (saw). He asked: What is the matter with this man? He was told: Apostle of Allah! he affects women's get-up. So he ordered regarding him and he was banished to an-Naqi'. The people said: Apostle of Allah! should we not kill him? He said: I have been prohibited from killing people who pray. Aboo Usamah said: Naqi' is a region near Medina and not a Baqi'.

Source: Fath Al-Bari. Vol. 12, Pg. # 670.


Ibn Al-Athir:

The mention of Hadam the Homosexual will follows with that of Heet, and he said (ibn Hajar) in the Biograpghy of Heet, and Abu Ubayd Al-Bikri in the commentary of the Book Aamali Al-Qali that "There were three homosexuals in Medina, they used to enter homes of women and the women will not observe Hijaab with their presence, and they were Heet, Hadam and Maanei

Source: Al-Isaba. Vol. 6.  Pg. # 216 - 265. Person. # 8982.


Ibn Al-Athir:

Annah, the Hermaphrodite: He was mentioned by Al-Barudi, who narrated through Ibraheem bin Muhajir, who narrates of Abu Bakr bin Hafsa, who said: "Aisha said to a Transexual that was in Medina named Annah: 'Will you not lead us to a woman whom we would engage to Abdul-Rahman bin Aboo Bakr?' He said: 'Yes', and he described a woman that would accept four and would get along with eight!" Then the Messenger of Allah (saw) heard him, and he said: 'O Annah! Get out from Medina to Hamra' al-Asad, and let your home be there! And do not enter Medina except if there is an 'Eid (day of rejoice) for the people!."

Source: Al-Isaba. Vol. 1.  Pg. # 269. Person # 288.


Ibn Al-Athir:

Anjasha al-Aswad al-'Hadi: «He had a good voice. Al-Baladhri said that he was a Habashite (Ethiopian) that would be nicknamed "Aba Maria". Aboo Dawud al-Tayalisi narrated in his Musnad of Humad, the son of Salama, of Thabit, of Anas, who said: "Anjasha used to drive the women, and Al-Bira, the son of Malik, used to the drive the men, and when the camels were 'necked' (i.e. ropes were tied around their necks), the Prophet (saw) said: 'O Anjasha! Drive slowly with the glass vessels', and that was narrated by the two Sheikhs (i.e. Bukhari and Muslim): through 'Himad, the son of Zayd, of Thabit, of Anas, and through 'Himad, the son of Zayd, of Ayub, of Abi-Qalaba, of Anas, and it was narrated by Muslim through Sulayman, the son of 'Tarkhan al-Tamimi, of Anas, who said: "The Prophet (saw) had a 'Had (servant) named Anjasha, and the Prophet (saw) said to him: 'Drive slowly with the glass vessels'." Ibn Mandeh said: It (i.e. the narration) is well-known, of Sulayman and through Abi-Qalama, of Anas, that the Messenger of Allah (saw) in some of his journeys, had a black man with him named Anjasha that would drive (the camels).

Imam An-Nasa'i narrated from the chain of Zuhayr from Sulayman Al-Timmi from Anas from his mother that she said, there was a homosexual with the wives of the prophet (saw) he  used to accompany them and he (Anas) mentioned his name" And it came in the Hadeeth of Al-Wathilah bin al-Asqaa that Anjasha was among the homosexuals during the time of the messenger of Allah (swt); and Imam Tabrani reported with a  chain from Anbasah bin Saeed from Hammad the servant of Banu Ummayya from Junah and from from Wathilah bin al-Asqaa who said, "The messenger of Allah (saw) cursed the homosexuals and he ordered saying" get them out of your homes and he the messenger of Allah took Anjasha out of his home and Umar to the same to so and so"

Source: Al-Isaba. Vol. 1.  Pg. # 239. Person. # 261.


  1. Hermaphrodite is not the same as a gay or a lesbian. Hermaphrodites are not born male or female,they hav both male anf female incomplete parts. Theres a difference, so what is being portrayed here? They were born with a deficiency hence r totally different to those who are born with either one or the other organ, and they like people of the same sex. Hermaphrodites is medical.dont understand why it even is being talked about. Salafis dont say they r to follow each and every companion. Verse 9.110 they use to say they r to follow in the good.

  2. Salam thankyou for your message of which we duly note. We wish to make it clear that at no point have we said these Hermaphrodite's companions are gay and lesbians, however hermaphrodite's have tedency to be either 'Gay' or 'Stright'. Based on numerous research it is found they are prone to indulging in homosexual acts such as sodomy. Thus why the Prophet (saw) expelled these very companions out of Medina, the Prophet (saw) showed his displeasure with these companions to the extent they where even beaten. As the example of the companion 'Mate' as mentioned above by Ibn Wahb who said: "I was told by the one who heard Aba-Ma'shar saying that the Prophet (saw) ordered for him, then he was hit.' It is no doubt they are born with different biological make as already mentioned in this article. However as for you claim that Salafis only follow the Sahaba in good deeds, Thank you for acknowledging the fact they perform bad deeds also. This is exactly the purpose of such articles and the various others that are found on this site. Even so according to the understanding of other followers of the Salaf they have deem these individuals to always act on the path of Truth and Justice, so why don't they follow the path of those that dressed and acted effeminately? If transvestitism are acts carried out by the just and truthful Sahaba then the Salafis have no grounds to distance themselves from such personalities. Rather they should be following in the footsteps of such individuals.

  3. POST TWO:

    Al-Majlisee narrated a tradition from at-Toosee stating that 'Ali Ibn Abee Talib r.a told his companions: "I advise you not to tease the companions of the prophet s.a.w. They are the companions of those who neither introduced any innovation into the faith nor did they honour innovators. Yes, this is the advice of the prophet s.a.w about them"Al-Majlisee, Hayyat ul-Quloob (vol. 2), p. 621

    ^NOt every single Sahabah was on the same level, but this is the Manhaj of Ali to mention them in good and not to mention some physically sick companions!

    And of course Sahaba did bad deeds as well and did mistakes. Omar did mistakes so did Ali. Bani Hashim sometimes refuted one another and Omar's son sometimes refuted his father!

    - Ibn Abbas disagreed with Ali using fire as a punishment against the Sabaites.

    - Ali disagreed with Ibn Abbas who (not being aware of the absolute prohibition of Mut'ah marriage) deemed it to be permissible (although under very extreme circumstances, not like the Rafidah).

    Even Abu Bakr, whom the Muslims believe to be one of the two best men after the Prophet (صل الله عليه و على آله و سلم) AND all the other Prophets and Messengers (عليهم السلام) is at the end of the day a HUMAN BEING according to Islam i.e. he forgets (even Prophets did in the Qur'an), and made mistakes. Our Salaf Al-Salih have raised the Ummah upon that, unlike those who call to blind Taqleed and Marjaism, we, the people of the Sunnah were told to leave EVERY speech IF it is not backed with the Qur'an or the Sunnah. Example:

    - Ibn `Abbas (ra) said: "Stones are about to rain down upon you from the sky: I say to you: "Allah's Messenger said..." and you reply: "But Abu Bakr and `Umar said...?"

    (While according to a number of scholars of Hadith, this is a weak narration, its meaning is correct.)

    - Abdullah Ibn (THE SON OF) Omar, though being lower in rank than his father, did not prevent him to OPPOSE his father in certain rulings. For neither Omar, nor Abu Bakr nor Ali are infallible and when Omar (because of people always joyning the two Hajj's) decided to ban the JOINING of the two Hajj's (Mut'ah of Hajj) it was his son who REBUKED those who even dared to ask WHY he opposes his father:

    832 - حدثنا عبد بن حميد أخبرنى يعقوب بن إبراهيم بن سعد حدثنا أبى عن صالح بن كيسان عن ابن شهاب أن سالم بن عبد الله حدثه أنه سمع رجلا من أهل الشام وهو يسأل عبد الله بن عمر عن التمتع بالعمرة إلى الحج فقال عبد الله بن عمر هى حلال. فقال الشامى إن أباك قد نهى عنها. فقال عبد الله بن عمر أرأيت إن كان أبى نهى عنها وصنعها رسول الله -صلى الله عليه وسلم- أأمر أبى نتبع أم أمر رسول الله -صلى الله عليه وسلم- فقال الرجل بل أمر رسول الله -صلى الله عليه وسلم-; ">فقال لقد صنعها رسول الله -صلى الله عليه وسلم-. قال هذا حديث حسن صحيح.

    سنن الترمذي.

    [...] Salem bin Abdullah said: ‘I heard a man from Shaam questioning Abdullah bin Omar about Mut’ah of Umra until Hajj (JOINING both), thus Abdullah bin Omar replied: ‘It is permissible’. The Shaami man said: ‘But your father has forbidden it’. Abdullah bin Omar replied: ‘When my father forbids something practiced by Allah's Messenger, shall I follow my father's order or that of Allah's Messenger's?’ The Shaami man replied: ‘Surely the order of Allah's Messenger (pbuh)’. He (Abdullah bin Umar) replied: ‘Allah's messenger has practiced it’’.

    ^This is the sincererity of the Sahabah, they never compromised ANYTHING. They opposed their fathers when it came to right and wrong!!! رضي الله عنهم

    Hence, the people of the Sunnah are the ONLY people who (might) reject EVERY speech, except the speech of the Messenger of Allah for he never talks falsehood/gives a false ruling when it comes to revelation!!! Yet the people of Taqleed with a dozen and more so called "infallibles" dare to call the people of the middle path as extremists!!!

  4. No one is been dishonest here accept yourself! Are you not ashamed of imposing your deviant Aqeeda upon the Muslims?. As for Nawwasb narrations you have quoted they are not Hujjah (proof) upon me even so I would be more then happy to refute them. Now you have avoided the the intial topic at hand which is on the 'Queer Companions' rather then dealing with this you diverted the attention else where, how typical is that?. These comments are not relevant to the discussion so I would request you to stick to the topic at hand.

    Now correctly as you mentioned according to your own distorted Aqeeda the Prophets ( peace be upon them all) and the Ahlulbayt (as) made mistakes. However this is not the Aqeeda of the followers of true Islam as revealed by the Prophet (saw). The Shi'ee scholars such as Sheikh Sadooq (rh) says the following in regards to this:-

    Shia Creed

    CHAPTER 36


    Says the Shaykh Abu Ja'far: Our belief concerning the prophets (anbia'), apostles (rusul), Imams and angels is that they are infallible (ma'sum); purified from all defilement (danas), and that they do not commit any sin, whether it be minor (saghira) or major (kabira). They do not disobey Allah in what He has commanded them; they act in accordance with His behests. He who denies infallibility to them in any matter appertaining to their status is ignorant of them, and such a one is a kaffir

    Our belief concerning them is that they are infallible and possess the attributes of perfection, completeness and knowledge, from the beginning to the end of their careers. Defects (naqs) cannot be attributed to them, nor disobedience ('isyan), nor ignorance (jahl), in any of their actions (ahwal).

  5. In your previous message you accepted the companions didnt always do good but also now you have confirmed these very people could also have mental issues. It would only be logical to conclude that it is impossible that believe all 124, 000 or in some case 114, 000 of these companions are all sane, this article is a prime example of that. Now such logic would also bring to question how accurate narrations would be from them? If individuals who latter narrated Hadeeth from the, are put under the microsope in order to evaluate if a narration is true or not, why shouldn't these companions be excluded from the very rule? As for the example of Aisha (la) and Hafsah (la) who lied upon the Prophet (saw) as mentioned in Surah Tahreem (66) of the holy Quraan, in which she (la) lied the sweet mouth of the Prophet (saw) smelt foul as recorded in Bukhari and all classical books of Tafsir.

    As for Nahjul Balagha, firstly provide the chain of narrators to the Hadeeth as no one would say Nahjul Balagha is 100% Authnetic. I would suggest you to research the history of this book. If sources found in this book are supported with other authnetic narrations it can not be deemed as proof. Not to mention how or in what was is this refering to the cursed 3? Do you see any name mentioned in the text here? I can very easily say in response this is about companions such as Ammar bin Yassar (r.h), Salaman Mohammedi (r.h) and all those who should loyality towards the Prophet (saw) and family (as). They had been companions who lead prayers intoxicated are you aware of this?. Inshallah in the future we shall have such articles dealing with such misconcpetions.

    Now according to your deviant Aqeeda the companions had numbered 124,000 and in some cases 114,000 now do the maths based on the above narration which you have used this would total 24,000 Companions, this narration itself will put 100,000 companions under the microscope, do you think such narrations work in your favour? Silly person !. Even If this narration was to be accepted it does not state if these people remain on the path of Allah (swt) after the death of the Prophet (saw) as according to the narrations in your Saheeh books which they are numerous narrations of the same kind, most of the companions aposated after the death of the Prophet (saw):-

    Narrated Anas: The Prophet said, "Some of my companions will come to me at my Lake Fount, and after I recognize them, they will then be taken away from me, whereupon I will say, 'My companions!' Then it will be said, 'You do not know what they innovated (new things) in the religion after you."

  6. As for Hayat Al-Quloob which has never been considered a Saheeh by any Shi'ee this book contains various weak narrations. Unless you can support it from other books of Hadeeth such as Wasil ush Shia or Al-Kafi or others with a Saheeh narration itt is void. As for Innovations I can present you numerous Saheeh narrations from both Shia and Sunni books of Hadeeth in which companions innovated after the death of the Prophet (saw). Just consider the example of Tarweeh which Umar (la) himself called it a good Bidah.

    In regards to the differences in compaions and on the issue of Mutah in later articles we shall deal with such topics and how Abu Bakars daugther performed it during the life of her Father. According to your distored contradictory Prophet (saw) forbid it in Kahybar however they are no Saheeh narrations found in our books of Hadeeth in which it was made harram. However based on your own sources which are Saheeh, If all the companins are 'Just and Truftul' according to your own aqeeda who is telling the truth on this matter, Ibn Abbas who says clearly in Saheeh Muslim it was Umar who forbid it. or Alee (as) who said the Prophet(saw) did on the day of Kahybar?. Either way your concept of the Companions unable to lie on the Prophet (saw) as mentioned earlier is defeated with your own very logic as both can not be telling the truth. This topic itself requires a article and Inshallah int the near future will deal with all the objections on this matter.

    In future If you are going to post any sources, do so related to the topic or I will have to remove your pointless posts. Nawaasb narrations are not proof upon me so please do not be Quoting them.

    1. Well done Dear Admin,

      FFF aka Wahabi ignorant has fell in his own trap! by calling Hazrat Ali infallible , FFF had challenged the authority of Quran. There are plenty of ayat's defending the honor of Ahl -e-bait(as) including Hazrat Ali(as). All i can say is , whatever these hate monger's invent. They invent it from their own attributes. And Out of utter pride, they assume that they are the true flag bearers of Sunnah. The problem with them is , the ability to read and accept. Bakri's rely on fairy tales than sheer logic.

      I being a teen, sometimes despise their ignorance. Well, i wish if they only pondered over Surah Maidah 5:55 and Surah an-Nisa 4:59. Things might have been different..